Toll Free Number

Get a professional toll free number and give your
customers the privilege of calling your business for free

Connect with Customers at Zero Cost

With toll-free numbers, provide your customers with a free of cost communication channel. Toll-free number allows customers to call the business without paying the call charges. All the charges of incoming and outgoing calls are paid by the number owner instead of the caller.

By providing a convenient and free of cost way to connect, customer from all over the country can reach out to the business at their convenience.

Easy-to-remember number pattern swiftly enhances your brand’s recall among customers. Apart from existing customers, this flexibility helps you to attract more leads in minimum time investment.

Providing 24*7 customer support also becomes easy with toll-free numbers. Using call-forwarding feature business can route the calls to their personal numbers when they are away from the office. It helps business remain connected with customers irrespective of their physical presence.


Enhance Your Customer Service with Our Toll-free Services

Call Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your calls and gain instant insight of active, on-hold and disconnected calls on a real-time call monitoring dashboard.

IVR Integration

Handle a large volume of incoming calls seamlessly by using auto-receptionist and self-help feature of IVR system.

Wide Range of Numbers

Choose the best-suited toll-free number for marketing your brand from a wide range of premium numbers.

Call Management Solutions

All-in-one call management solution provides you with access to call recording, forwarding, routing and other important calling features.

Real-time SMS Alerts

Remain updated of all customer calls and get real-time message alerts for every call missed by the agent.

Agent Performance Reports

Supervise agent’s productivity all the time and get a complete view of their performance on extensive tracking reports.

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