Organic SEO Tips for 2017

Content is being generated in abundance across the globe, round the clock. It falls on few search engines like Google and Bing to display the most relevant results. These search engines use different indicators to monitor critical factors like bounce rate, influence on social media, etc., to filter out the low-quality content.

With each passing year, search engines are becoming smarter. As 2017 dawns, search engines will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language processing, image recognition, etc., to improve their filtering process.

In fact, today search engines can judge if a piece of content is user-friendly or not; which leaves you to decide how to make your content more relevant to users.

Using the following tips, you can improve the relevance of your website’s content, paving the way for improved website ranking. These tips will also guide you to promote your brand in a better way. Keep reading.

Build Authority on Social Media

There are over 2.3 billion active social media users on the internet. For a business, this vast number can also represent potential customers. However, simply being active on social media does not guarantee good outcomes. One also needs a strategy to gain popularity in order to get some results.

Using marketing techniques like influencer marketing, paid social media ads, etc., you can promote your brand to a wider audience rather easily. You can use tools like BuzzSumo and Klout to search for influencers specific to your industry and reach them to promote your products or services.

Social media can drive tons of traffic to your website. Depending of the quality of information, visitors will spend more time on your website. The Google search algorithm considers this engagement rate as an indicator for relevancy, thus, considers it in deciding a website’s ranking.

Improve Information Flow with Linking

While reading, people come across many things they want to explore more about. So, while creating content for your website’s visitors, it is essential to allow them to explore more on the areas of their interests with interlinking.

Links from both, within the website (internal linking) and outside the website (cross-linking) are useful to allow your website visitors to understand things better, therefore, make more informed decisions.

Doing so will also help search engine spiders to crawl your website in an efficient way, thus, will improve your website’s searchability.

Make Better use of Multimedia

Content creation is not limited to text-based content. With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. This makes it important for marketers to invest time and effort in video marketing.

Sharing other multimedia content like Infographics and images on social media is also a good practice as they get more shares. SlideShare is another great platform to share presentations of your products and services. If you are in food, travel, fashion, or lifestyle industry, Pinterest & Instagram are the right platforms for you.

Using multimedia in your content improves the engagement rate significantly, therefore, increases the traffic to your website. As explained in the previous point, this also improves the ranking of website in search results.

Use the Power of Guest Blogging

Writing blog posts is a great way to let others know about your brand. However, it takes a long time before your new blog can compete with other established blogs. If you want to harness the power of blogging, then guest blogging is a great way to start.

The main advantage of guest blogging lies in link-building, increasing authority, gaining more social media followers, and attracting high-quality leads.

Consistently posting on blogs related to your industry will help you build a reputation as an expert and drive well-qualified leads to your website. As a guest blogger, most websites will allow you to mention your website’s URL and social links in your author profile. This will help you to build high-quality back-links, which is important to improve the search engine ranking of your website.

Although most experts despise link building, but if the content is relevant and solves users’ query, it is all good.

Co-Market Campaigns for Greater Engagement

While starting out, resources can be scarce for a business. By collaborating with other businesses and investing in co-marketing, startups can deal with this lack of resources quite effectively.

Co-marketing means cooperating with a business partner to reach a wider audience by allowing each other to leverage additional distribution channels.

Co-marketing campaigns play an important role as they also help improve the search ranking of a website. During most campaigns, new content like articles, social media posts, and more is generated each day, which creates a buzz among website visitors. Some of your website visitors may share your content on social media or give back-links in blog posts, thus improving your website’s search engine ranking.


The art of search engine optimization, as we know it, now focuses on user-friendly content. Not so long ago, most SEO professionals used techniques like keyword stuffing, posting guest blogs on irrelevant websites to get back-links, and others. Such practices forced Google to rethink its strategy and work towards promoting websites that offer relevant content. In 2017, providing value through content will be the norm for improving the search engine ranking and the above tips will help you along the way.