OTP Service
Send verification texts to add a layer of security over your apps, website and online transactions with OTP service.
Safeguard Your Business Transactions with OTP Service
OTP service adds a layer of authentication into your everyday important business processes and reduces the chances of online frauds. These are randomly generated string of numeric or alphanumeric characters whenever an OTP request is triggered.
OTP services are the most entrusted method to verify user information, accounts and online payments. You can easily & quickly implement every check with OTP service by sending codes via SMS, e-mail or voice without any added complexity.
Our fast and secure SMS API ensures to send your OTP SMS in less than 10 seconds, guaranteeing quick and reliable message delivery. OTP services override the DND filter to make sure you do not miss sending any critical information to your users.
Integrate SMS API into your website, app, or any other application to utilise the OTP solution for various purposes. Widen the utility of OTP service by using it for user reactivation, password resets, account deletions and other important business purposes. Track the progress of SMS with instant delivery receipts and detailed analytics reports.
Easily integrate your business database system with our OTP SMS API to send OTP to a large number of users in one go. If undelivered, OTP can also be delivered through calls to handle any kind of failovers. OTP two-factor authentication helps you verify every login attempt by sending OTPs to the user’s registered phone number.
Secure & Fast OTP SMS Gateway
Message Templates
Choose the best-suited OTP SMS layout from our range of pre-defined SMS templates to save time and boost process efficiency.
Developer-friendly API
Easily integrate our OTP SMS API with your website, apps or any 3rd party application and customise the SMS solution to suit your business need.
10-second OTP Delivery
Our fast & secure OTP service delivers messages in less than 10 seconds to your users and provides maximum efficiency in the process.
Database Integration
Send OTP texts to all your contacts by seamlessly integrating your database or CRM system with our OTP service.
Analytics and Reporting
Track status of failed, successful and re-attempted OTPs on an automated analytics report by scheduling it over your email IDs.
OTP via SMS/Voice
Let your users fetch OTP on both SMS & Voice platforms for verification and set resend attempts to handle OTP failover.
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